Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to Moms Who Click

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Welcome to Moms Who Click.  We are two moms, Kristina and Tina, who click. We click with each other, with our friends and of course, with our cameras.

Our love for photography lead us to trying our hand at creating a photography business.  So with a little  start-up money, we purchased our first SLR cameras (we fall in the Canon camp) and started to click.

Over the past two years, we've immersed ourselves in learning more about our cameras, while taking photos along the way (both good and bad).

Who knew that you could have conversations that revolved around  f-stops, ISO settings, pocket wizards, strobe lights, and light metering?

We've been fortunate to have met fellow photo enthusiasts who have shared their knowledge and more importantly, provided us with inspiration.  We've created this blog to share our love for photography and  we hope that if you are a fellow "clicker" that you will join in too.

Come click with us!

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