Monday, November 22, 2010

DIY Camera Bag

Days after I put in the big order for my gorgeous turquoise Belle Epiphanie bag, I stumbled across Little Miss Famous' DIY bag via I Heart Faces. (Update:  her link is not longer working:  try this Vanilla and Lace instead for more details....)

I was so impressed by her cleverness, that I quickly emailed the link to my ultra crafty mom (who is now somewhat tech savvy--she knows how to do email AND book airline tickets), to put in a Christmas gift request.

Anyway, being impatient (who can wait until Christmas???) I decided to make one myself--like shoes, a gal can not have too many camera bags (I think I now am up to 6--egads, do not tell my husband!).

So using the helpful tips from Little Miss Famous as well as numerous other tips from DIYers, (Google "DIY camera bag"and you will find a plethora of crafty, clever photographers), I made this sassy, patent pleather bag!
Love the shiny look of patent leather!

My total cost was $33--$22 for the bag, $7 for the foam, $4 for the material.   I already had the hot glue gun and glue sticks.  This was a total no-sew project. I did buy velcro for all of the foam pieces but decided I didn't really need it, the foam pieces fit together nicely without it.

This was a great project for a rainy afternoon and only took me about an hour (and a few blisters). While I doubt I would use this for a big photo shoot, it will come in handy when I go out with friends or up to The City and want to schlep my camera in a safe, padded bag.

Now, I'm eyeing the other purses cluttering my closet.   I have a feeling I will be making some foam inserts for my super cute brown Coach bag soon, too!


  1. LOVE the bag! What a great idea!

  2. Love it love it love it! So creative!


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