Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!  It is a new year and with that comes resolutions.  Have you been working on your list?  One goal that we have for 2011 is to start a 365 project.

Yes, we are starting a 365 project and the only rule is that we have to take one photo every single day throughout 2011.   The point is to see things with a fresh eye, to expand our creativity and to hone our photography skills.  

If you've been thinking about embarking on a similar project, we encourage you to share your journey with us.   Feel free to post links to your photos in the comment section and we'll be sure to visit.

If you need some tips on how to get started, there are some great suggestions at Shutter Sisters and Photojojo.

It is going to be an exciting project that in the end will provide a visual scrapbook of what we hope is going to be a fantastic year!

You can follow our progress by clicking the Project 365 Tab at the top of the page or visiting our Flickr album.   So here we go......

Photo #1 (one for each of us) taken on 1-1-11


  1. Good luck with the project and I hope you two will have lots of fun!

  2. That's an awesome goal, and I am sure your photos will turn out great. I tried to post this in your group on Purex Insiders but it would allow me. I have twins, one loves the camera and the other starts crying once the camera is pointed towards her. It is hard for us to get good family shots because of this. Do you have any tips to ease a child's camera fears?


Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate and read each and every one.