Monday, January 24, 2011


The final product, see how to make it below
I recently purchased a new lens, and as all photographers know it is frustrating when you forget to pick up a lens cap tether.  Otherwise you're always taking the cover off, putting it in your pocket or setting it down who-knows-where and then forgetting where you put it hoping you'll find it sooner or later. 

I've purchased inexpensive lens cap tethers, but don't always have them on hand when I acquire a new lens.  So, in my frustration with my latest lens, I thought - why not make my own?  I had all of the supplies at home and did not need to purchase anything new.   Basically a lens cap tether is a button attached to a string and elastic band.  So here's what I did, and I have to say it's working just fine:

First, you will need the following:
  • Elastic hair band (black or whatever color you want, such as a Goody elastic hair band)
  • Small, flat button
  • Sewing thread or embroidery thread
  • Double-sided tape, preferrably cushioned
  • First, I used embroidery thread and looped it through a 2-hole button.  I tied a small knot at the end of the button.  Next, knot the other end of the embroidery thread and slip knot it through the elastic hair band.  Take the double sided tape (and I recommend the slightly raised, cushioned tape) and tape the button to the lens cap (see photo).
    Take the elastic hair band and secure it around the lens
Now the elastic band is connected to the lens

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  1. Thanks for this tutorial. I actually have all the items needed to make this one at home.


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