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Moms Who Click is having such a great time with our Behind the Lens series.  We are meeting amazing photographers from all across the globe.  Today we are fortunate to introduce Stacie Errera to our readers.  Stacie is from Long Island, and in the photo industry.  We stumbled upon Stacie's site through other sites and because she has some wonderful photography tips and tricks we can all learn from.  From the novice to the experienced, there are great tutorials on her website.  Click and learn, and share her passion for photography!

Herewith we reveal our interview with Stacie Errera:

Your Name: Stacie Errera
Your studio/business name: Chasing Picture Perfection
Location: Long Island, New York

Your Style:
·      In 50 words or less, how would your clients describe your photography?  I am a notch above a snapshooter, well, very serious enthusiast, who loves to capture family moments and photo souvenirs from my travels. I love natural light and try to avoid flash whenever possible.
·      Are you self-taught or classroom trained?  A little of both. I got my first camera in 6th grade and took photo classes in high school and college and have taken and/or organized hundreds of photo seminars and events from which I soak up photo tips presented by great pros.
·      How many years have you been a professional photographer?  I like to say I am a novice with insider resources. I don't make money with my images, but instead I help women get the types of images they imagine taking by teaching them to use the functions on their cameras and photography skills that yield better photos. However, my career is in the photo industry, hence the "insider" reference.
·      Is there a photographer who inspires your style?  Who would that be?  I'd have to say my style is inspired by Candice Stringham, Emily Wilson, Ali Edwards and Andre Costantini. They each use a lot of natural light and capture images of family and children that are spontaneous and fulfilling to me. I admire the work of Eddie Adams and Mark Seliger greatly and if I could master studio lighting, I'd love to emulate their work.
·      Favorite location to take photos?  By any window.
·      Favorite vacation spot?  Any lake in Minnesota.

Your Gear

·      Are you Canon or Nikon (or – gasp--“other”): Nikon
·      If you could only have one lens on a photo shoot, what would it be?  I love my 17-50 /2.8. It gives me a wide to moderate tele range and wide aperture for the natural light shooting I like to do.
·      What brand bag do you carry your camera in? A Golla bag I bought at a duty free shop and then realized you could get it at Target! It's a little more stylish than the traditional black camera bags I always used.
·      What gear would we find in your camera bag?  An expos disk for shooting inside the gym, a flashlight, several batteries, a flash, wallet, cell and lipstick.
·      Are you a natural light fan or strobe fan? Natural light! I have only moderately mastered bouncing the flash. Strobe lighting intimidates me.
·      Are you PC or Mac user?  PC

Your Tips and Tricks

·      What post processing tools do you use?   I love MCP Actions.
·      Do you shoot in Raw or JPEG?   For me, I have found JPEG works just fine.
·      Best advice you would give your 20-year old self?   Stop worrying about what others will think and just do/wear/think what you enjoy.
·      Best advice you would give a new photographer?   Submit your work to companies you would like to see use your images. Having a company promote you and your photography can go a long way to getting more clients. it's a win win for both of you.

What Else Should We Know?

·      What was your worst, funniest or most rewarding photography experience?
I helped 9 friends who had all just bought the same cameras learn how to use them. It was so such fun the next day when they were all using their cameras at the basketball game and asking questions and really working on hard to get great shots.
·      What would surprise people most about you, whether it is photography related or not?
I've been to 25 countries, but I hate to fly.
·      Tell us something else you’d like us to know:  I am a huge scrapbooker. When I make a print, it is either to frame, give away or scrapbook.


  1. AWESOME interview !! Love that first shot :)

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