Monday, March 14, 2011

DIY-School Portraits

For the past two years I have not purchased the yearly school portraits offered at my kids' school.  The reasons being that they are never very good (who likes mug shots and boring blue backgrounds?) and I can take a better photo (heck, most people can take a better photo). 

The problem with boycotting the traditional school photo is actually scheduling the time to take this portrait style shot of my kids (that and getting my kids to cooperate--they are a wee bit tired of me taking photos of them all the time).  Sure, I have plenty of great candid pics of them taken throughout the year, but I still want that headshot that I can put in each child's "school" frame.  I have one 8x10 photo of each of my kids and every year, I put the new "grade" photo on top, providing me with a collection of their cute little mugs throughout the years.

Anyway, this weekend I realized that the school year was coming to a quick close and if I didn't hurry I'd be missing a picture for grades 6 & 8 of my daughter and eldest son.  So after bribing my kids with ice cream (yes, I still have to bribe 11 & 13 year olds with sweets), we headed out to the park and I took some great shots of at least two of my four.  And after only 30 minutes, another middle school year was officially captured.

On my agenda this week is to  coax my 10 year old twins out for their yearly school photo.  Let's just hope the ice cream bribe works on them as well.  Wish me luck!

If you are a photographer, do you skip the school photos and take your own?  Do you have your photo shoot at the end of the year or are you like me and scramble to get it done during the last few months of school?


  1. I'm not a professional photographer but I take a take A LOT of photos of my daughter so I've never felt the need to have any studio portrait sessions done as we have so many nice ones already. However, when it comes to school photos I think I'll definitely end up buying them. There's something quite special and unique about them isn't there? Even when they look quite bad! Definitely something you'll enjoy digging out in years to come!

  2. I am a photographer, and I absolutely skip the school photos. I have the equipment and the ability and can produce much higher quality and much more satisfying images for myself (and my family, of course, lol) than the 'cookie cutter' school pictures.

  3. My son is a senior this year and I have been back and forth about his portrait. I think you guys just made my decision easy. Now to get my son to buy into my excitement!

  4. Ha! I've been prepping my son all summer for senior portraits...he's convinced that it's just something I made up so that I could take his picture. ; )


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