Friday, April 29, 2011

Canon Support Phone Number

The other day I switched over to a new laptop.  In doing so I installed the CD that my Canon 7D came with so I would be able to download photos using the EOS Utility.  I connected my USB cable to the camera and laptop after the installation. Unfortunately I kept getting the error "Camera Not Recognized."

Hmm, not good.  So I did a little research on the internet but without any luck.  Then I remembered I had a Canon support number.  It was amazing.  After experiencing frustrating support calls for other products, I have to say that I was able to be connected in under a minute (after a couple of menus that took me to the right camera model), and someone who I understood (!) answered and helped me immediately.

As it turned out my laptop has a different operating system than my old laptop so there was a new installation file to use from their Canon website.  I went to the Canon homepage, found my camera model, and then under Drivers and Software I found my download.  In a snap my problem was solved.

I share this because we often forget that there is great support, especially if we are on the road.  They've been able to help us when we're in the middle of a shoot and a flash does not go off.  So don't hesitate, put this on your speed dial.  And if you're a Nikon or other brand user, put that support number on your speed dial.  1-800-652-2666.   By the way - if you're a Nikon user, what's the support number so we can publish it here?  Thanks for sharing!

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