Monday, April 4, 2011


Moms Who Click is extremely excited to announce we are partnering with the amazing team of Steve Dolan and Sally Cox (<- click the link to read about their background).  They manage the Creative Suite Adobe User Group of San Jose, consisting of well over 1000 members.  
Steve and Sally created Creative Suite User Group of San Jose to provide professionals in San Jose and surrounding areas a venue for networking and learning about the latest in Adobe Software. Their monthly meetings  feature a prominent guest speaker who will focus on tips/tricks, integration between Adobe apps, and streamlining your workflow for more efficient business practices.  While they do meet in person, they often run virtual online classes we hope you will be able to take advantage of.  Check out this link to their site that has a number of tutorialsCheck out their calendar to see when they will have webinars about Adobe products.

This coming Wednesday be on the look out when Moms Who Click and Creative Suites Adobe User Group introduces our first Virtual Photowalk.  Our Virtual Photowalks are a photographic journey designed to inspire creativity and develop skills. Many photographers participate in something simlilar like the 365 Challenge we are in the midst of.  But we wanted  to carry on a greater sense of community and creative inspiration and hope our Virtual Photowalks will provide that. 
What is a Virtual Photowalk?
It’s a social photography event where photographers get together to walk around, shoot photos, and generally have fun with other photographers, or even solo. Since our readers are from all different parts of the world, we want to invite you to participate and share your photogaphy stories and techniques.

Uploading your pictures (we will provide a Flickr site to upload your photos)
Details about the camera settings and constructive feedback keep us motivated and help us grow. When you upload to Flickr it will capture details about your camera that we will enable us to understand more about each photo such as:
  • Details on camera settings, what ISO, what f-stop, was it manual, aperture priority or progam mode
In addition to that:
  • We will ask you to share your processing tips - did you use a Lightroom Preset (and which one) or is it straight out of the camera? Or is it HDR?  
  • Let us know if you did anything unique to your shot. You are given 100% creative freedom.
  • If you're new to photography and don’t feel qualified to offer constructive feedback, step out of your comfort zone. You may not yet be up on the technical stuff, but you can give a bit of detail on what you like about the photo – ‘it made me smile’, ‘I like the composition’ etc.  Or ask a question, like what time of day did you take the shot, did you use a filter, etc.  
  • Get the conversation going with something more in depth – we’ll all take something away from the discussion.
We will announce the theme of our first Virtual Photo Walk this coming Wednesday.  We're very excited, stay tuned!

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