Monday, May 16, 2011

Bubble-ology--Fun with Bubbles!

Over the past few days I have been on a bubble kick.  I saw some photos of a bubbles while clicking through various Flickr streams and was inspired to go out and blow a few bubbles of my own.

However, capturing photos of bubbles is much harder than you would think.  The wind can be an issue, lighting can prove tricky and sometimes just when you think you've got the shot they pop!

If you would have happened to stop by my house last week, you would have found me running around in my backyard, waving a bubble wand in the air, and clicking away like a madwoman.   I did manage to get a couple of good shots, but I wanted more.......

This bubble is looking back at you!

So  I decided to enlist the help of my twin boys.   They were having so much fun blowing bubbles that they didn't mind the fact that I was snapping their picture.  Usually I get the "Awww mom, do you have to do that?" comment when I pull out the camera.

I love the series of photos below.  Notice that while my son N. tries to patiently and gingerly blow a bubble, that his twin brother , A., is waiting in the wings ready to pounce and pop!

If you are looking for a little challenge and fun, I highly recommend you try a little Bubble-ology.  And here is a link to some home-made bubble solutions.

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