Monday, May 2, 2011

Nikon Coolpix S8100

Can a Mom Who Clicks ever have enough gear?  I discovered I was in need of a more transportable, smaller-sized digital camera.  And yet I did not want to give up some of the amazing features my Canon 7D has. 

A friend of ours who is an avid photographer recommended the Nikon Coolpix S8100.  I am amazed already at what this little camera can do.  And I got a great deal through Costco, one of our favorite stores with amazing prices.  We got the bundle pictured, with the camera, AC adapter, 4GB card and leather carrying case for under $250.00.  They had a rebate recently which gave us a nice discount. 

This is a terrific camera that has 10x optical zoom, 3-inch display, image stabilization, 12 megapixel C-MOS sensor (which improves low-light photo quality and faster shooting performance), and burst mode with a single shutter release.  It is also capable of capturing video including small, high speed slow motion videos. 

One slight drawback is this camera does not have a manual mode so you cannot control aperture or shutter speed.  It does have outstanding low-light performance, night time shots at Disneyland or Paris at night will be fantastic with this camera.  The lens is equivalent to a 30mm lens.

I'll be playing and posting photos from this new camera shortly.  It's definitely a camera worth investigating if you are in need of a pocket-size camera.

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