Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Never Know Where a Click Will Lead

My wonderful friend and business partner and I have been embarking on Project 365.  We post our photos on Flickr as a way to record our  progress and get feedback from fellow photogs.  This particular photo was noticed and made it's way to Explore on Flickr.  From there it was picked up by a news agency in the UK. 

I was a little hesitant when I was contacted about this photo from an agency called Rex Features.  Some of those emails seem like Spammers.  But this turned out to be legit, I did some research before agreeing to provide photos.  (You have to love the ad underneath the first article, that's me most mornings.)

I appreciate the value of a site like Flickr that provides a community and an amazing array of photographs that provide inspiration and wonder.  You never know where a click might take you.
Thanks to our Golden Retriever, Koa, she's in the news.  By the way these rescued bunnies, which were discovered by Koa a week after Easter, are making their way to an animal rescue.  My kids and I are bringing the two little bunnies (who are now healthy and doubled in size) to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley.  Any proceeds I get from the photos will be donated to this center.  And in case you're wondering, my daughters named the bunnies Fred and George, after the twins from the Harry Potter book series.  However, we will need to rename one of them Georgette, yup, one's a girl.

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