Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cailin McMahon - Photographic Journey

We were so happy to get an email from Cailin McMahon who recently contacted us and showed us some of her amazing work.  Cailin, who is from the U.S., is currently living in Germany with her family for an extended stint (military). Check out her facebook page:
Cailin's journey with photography began with the birth of her daughter and her family's move to Germany. She was desperate to capture her family’s adventures in their new life together. After years of using a point and shoot Cailin's desire grew to learn as much as she could about taking beautiful pictures that her husband and she would cherish. Her first DSLR was purchased in April 2010 and she immediately dove in to teaching herself the ins-and-outs of photography and post processing. It has been a long and interesting journey and she is so eager to learn and do more. Her work reflects the spirit and beauty in people. She captures the facet of people that needs to be shown and viewed. Beauty in its natural state is what Cailin yearns to capture and display. 

Every one of us is beautiful; every one of us has a story. Finding that beauty and telling that story is what Cailin hopes her photography will display.  In Cailin's words, "I am eager to see what the future holds for me and what doors will open. Something I have loved about photography from the beginning is realizing that there is no end to learning, growing and maturing in your work. You can never know enough. I'm looking forward to the future.  Finding out what I will learn next is what keeps me going."

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  1. wow, beautiful images… and I love that you've recently started out and just dove right in. I too feel there is no end to learning. best of luck to you!!


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