Friday, June 24, 2011

Lytro--A New Camera that Allows You to Shoot First, Focus Later

This week I had the terrific opportunity to attend the launch party for a very cool camera that is soon to be released from Silicon Valley start-up, Lytro.    It is a light field camera that allows you to shoot first and focus later.  With this camera all you need to worry about is getting the shot and composition.   I know it sounds hard to believe but I saw the photos and they are amazing!

Click on the photo above to play around with the focus and get a taste of what this camera can do.....

You can read about the science behind the camera here,  but basically what the camera does is capture the entire light field allowing you to shift the perspective of the scene after the photo is snapped.  If you are scratching your head, check out their site and the examples of what this camera can do.  You will be impressed I’m sure!  

At the party we did not  actually see the camera but we did see the photos it produced and they were fantastic.  Details like price, what it looks like, and when it will be available are yet to come but all I know is that I WANT one!  

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