Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Behind the Lens Recap

Throughout this year we have had the pleasure of interviewing over 30 photographers for our Behind the Lens series.   These amazing photographers have shared their marketing tips, favorite gear, and their love of photography and have inspired many of us with their stories.  If you have not clicked through these interviews, we encourage you to do so--you will learn so much!

We thought it would be fun to give you a tiny recap on a few questions we've asked  and you can see how you compare....

"Are you Canon or Nikon?"   This was a close one.  The Canon camp had 16 and Nikon had 18.  We did have a one photographer, Eva Creel who uses both (check out her fantastic underwater images) and one who is an Olympus fan, Claire Penn--who professes she likes being the odd one out at workshops.

"Do You shoot in RAW or JPEG?"  The overwhelming response was RAW with 22 of our interviewees responding that they like the processing control when using RAW.  7 other photogs liked the ease of shooting in JPEG and 4 used both.   We also posted this question on our Facebook page and there too, the majority of respondents shoot in RAW.  I must admit, that I have not tried this but now I feel that I must give it a whirl!

"Are you self-taught or classroom trained?"  Nearly all of the photographers we've interviewed are self-taught.  This is one motivated group!  While some have taken classes in college, the majority have learned through experience, workshops, and mentors.  These talented photographers have created successful businesses through dedication and practice and are an inspiration for us all.

We hope you have been enjoying our Behind the Lens series as much as we have. If you are interested in being featured, please shoot us an email at momswhoclick@yahoo.com.

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