Friday, September 9, 2011

Managing Your Project 365

As you may know from  previous posts, we have been taking part in Project 365 this year.  It has been a great project in so many ways.   It has been a wonderful way to document the year, it has really helped me think about composing shots, lighting and finding the beauty in everyday events and objects.

However, the start of the school year and the craziness it brings, has had me scrambling on more than one occasion to snap a picture before the clock strikes midnight.  It is in these moments where I take a picture of a laundry basket brimming with clothes or packed suitcases that are waiting for the trip to Tahoe.   And while I kick myself for not being more creative, I guess in a way these last minute photos still tell a story.

My other "project issue" is that I tend to forget to upload the photos.  And while it shouldn't be a big deal, I find I spend hours trying to remember where I left off.  Thank goodness there are more organized photographers out there (like my friend, business/blogging partner) as well as other Project 365 participants who I use for reference to keep me on track.  

Which leads me to my question, "How do you manage your Project 365?"  Do you have any tips to share?  

Thank goodness this project also has me snapping more photos with my iPhone or I'd have let several days go by without capturing an image.  The key is taking a photo and not the camera, right????

And yes, the image above is another iPhone/Instagram pic.    Instagram, oh how I love thee.........

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