Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kim Klassen Texture--and then some.......

I've never officially participated in a Texture Tuesday by Kim Klassen  but this week I decided to finally join the party.  As you probably know, we are HUGE fans of Kim.  She is an amazing artist and talented photographer and each week she shares a texture with her readers.   If you have not visited her site yet, click on will truly be inspired!

The photo above was edited with her texture "and then some." I used two layers (one as an overlay and one linear burn at varying opacities) and I love it!


Oh and guess who I met at Camp Shutter Sisters?  Yep, Kim!!!  Here is a picture of us on the last day of camp.   I was absolutely giddy to meet her.  Can you tell?


  1. Welcome to TT, wow, lucky you to be able to go to Camp and especially to meet Kim. Nice job on the entry too.

  2. hello beautiful Kristina...... i can't even tell you how amazing it was to meet you!!
    you are as beautiful in person...... 'sigh'..... I love that we are wearing our camp clothes pin - name tags........

    and i love your TT entry.... B e a u t i f u l......

    xxo, Kim

  3. Thank you Pat for the nice comment. And yes, I felt lucky to meet Kim. She is so warm and kind--just what you would expect. :)

  4. Oh are so fab. I have my clothespin clipped to my lampshade on my nightstand--it helps me have sweet dreams of camp. :) xoxo-K

  5. Welcome to Texture Tuesday, Kristina! :)
    So simple, yet so so beautiful! Lovely edit!


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