Monday, November 7, 2011

Self Portraits--Time to Point the Camera at Yourself

Taken with my timer--finally figured out how to use it.
I've never really attempted taking photographs of myself. I didn't even know how to use the self timer. It never occurred to me to find out, after all I was always taking the pictures and taking a picture of myself felt narcissistic and out of my comfort zone.

But then I went to Camp (I hope you don't find my camp references redundant, but I learned sooo much) and I sat in on session on self portraiture taught by the amazing Meredith Winn.

Her class was eye-opening and so inspiring. What I walked away with was that self portraits are a way to......

Document the fact you experienced something....that you too were there.  How many pictures do you have from a vacation, event, or just day to day life that include you?  Are you always the one behind the camera?

Shooting up, me at Camp--yep I was there!

Capture the good times and the bad.  Taking a picture on a difficult or emotion filled day may not be the first thing that comes to mind but think about it differently.  By capturing that moment, you are now able to look back and say "I made it."    There is so much power in that.  And of course, taking a photo of yourself on a day that is filled with love, happiness, and joy is powerful too.  What is better than looking back on a photo that reminds you of a wonderful experience or moment?

This may only be my hand, but it makes me smile, because it captures my daughter and me making a toy
 for the cats at the Humane Society.  

A way to express yourself artistically.  Have you seen the self portrait levitation photos by Yowayowa?  They are amazing!  I even tried creating them myself using my daughter as the subject, but now maybe it is time to try a self portrait version.   Or check out the multiplicity photos on Flickr.  So inspiring and fun!

Whether you share the photos you capture or keep them for your eyes only.  Self portraits can be a beautiful way to express yourself.   A post by Ann Gray on the Digital Photography School website has some great tips on getting started with self portraits.  Check it out, grab your camera and point it on yourself.   And if you are willing, we'd love to see what you capture.

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