Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gifts of Gratitude

The Camp Shutter Sister love continues this holiday season with a very fun Gifts of Gratitude exchange.   It is kind of like a Secret Santa exchange but with a sisterhood twist.....

Over the past few days our Facebook group page has been full of heartfelt thanks, beautiful photos and overall glee.  We all have taken such pleasure and joy in finding out what each sister has received.

My lovely gift arrived last week from non-other- than Lisa Damrosch (who we recently interviewed on our Behind the Lens series).  The beautiful, hand-blown glass ornament hangs on my tree, the pumpkin stone is resting on my desk (and has me so excited to do a photo walk with her in Half Moon Bay), and the colorful, felted necklace brightens up my day every time I wear it.

As thrilled as I was to receive these gifts, I was even more eager to send my gift recipient her goodies.  My secret sister was someone who I met at the start of camp.  You know, that point where you are kind of anxious and not really sure what to expect.  But when I met Susan, my feelings of trepidation quickly melted away.  A group of us walked on the beach and started chatting and snapping photos and even though we had only met just a few minutes earlier, it seemed as though we were all old friends.  So when I found out my secret sister was Susan, I was excited to turn some of the photos we took together into little momentos of our time spent together.

Here is a photo that Susan took of the gifts I sent to her--she made everything look so good!  She is an amazing, creative photographer who seamlessly blends heartfelt words with her photographs.  Visit her blog to be inspired.
photo credit:  Susan Case

While this Gifts of Gratitude exchange was one of the highlights of my holiday season so far, I must admit that the biggest gift I received this year was the gift of sisterhood.  Every day, I'm moved by this group of thoughtful, creative, encouraging and kind women.   I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful for the 72 gifts I received this year.


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