Thursday, December 15, 2011

Picture the Holidays--Week 2

The Picture the Holidays project has been so much fun!  I'm half way through the month and am loving it!

Here is my recap of week 2.......

Day 8:  Reflecting on the Season
Here is my attempt at capturing a reflection of the season.  My husband brought home these sweet red and white carnations.......

Day 9:  It's A Sign
Today's prompt was to notice the signs that are around us everywhere and to interpret them as they fit into our lives.....I saw this sign at Union Square and it spoke to me......

Day 10:  Twinkle, Twinkle
I loved the way the palm trees were lit up at Union Square in San Francisco.

Day 11:  Shaping Up
Today we were asked to look for things that remind us of something else.  In walking around my yard, I noticed that the leaves on this plant look just like a frosted Christmas tree....

Day 12:  A Whole Lot of Happy
This prompt involved focusing on smiles.  While I would have liked a big ole grin from my kiddos, they were not so into it.  So instead I snapped the grin on the sweet angel ornament hanging on our Christmas tree.

Day 13:  Simply Divine
Today we were asked to share the divinity in our life.  To capture something that speaks to you---that showcases the forces that are grander than ourselves........The light in this photo drew me in......

Day 14:  Sincerely Yours
At first I wasn't sure how I was going to capture the handwritten word.  Then I picked up my mail and found this card waiting for me from my dear, college friend.   Oh how I love her.......


Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate and read each and every one.