Thursday, December 29, 2011

Picture The Holidays--Week 4

I'm almost done with my Picture the Holidays photo project.  This has been such a great way to capture the holiday season.  I highly recommend you try this next year!  Here is a recap of week four.....

Day 22 You are Getting Sleepy
Today we were given permission to "shut down and reboot" even if it was for only 10 minutes.  Here I snapped a quick picture with my iPhone while taking a little rest with my pooch.

Day 23  Life is Sweet
The prompt for today involved taking a picture of a sweet treat.  I knew right away what I tasty goody I would seven layer bar.  Every year my friend has a cookie exchange and every year I make (much to her ribbing) seven layer bars.  Suzanne, this photo is for you!

Day 24  Enchantment
Today we were asked to take a photo through the eyes of a child.  What better place to capture a child's excitement than a good old fashioned candy store.

Day 25  This Magic Moment
Here we were asked to capture something off the beaten path, to find something that sheds light on the day.   Here is my 12 year old daughter playing with her new horse and doll.  I think these moments may be fleeting.......but seeing her play so innocently is magical.

Day 26 The Day After
Even though the day after Christmas might find our homes in a bit of disrepair, there is beauty in the aftermath.  As I looked at the traffic jam of cars on my kitchen table (which has yet to be cleared), I found that bit of clutter that made me smile.

Day 27  A Breath of Fresh Air
After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there is nothing better than getting a breath of fresh air.  Today, I took my kids and a few of their friends to the park to enjoy their new RC toys.  While the boys ran around the grass chasing their buzzing airplane, my daughter and I walked our dog around the path.  Ahhhhhh.........

Day 28 Through The Looking Glass
Today's prompt involved finding something that changes the way things look.  Here is a picture of my Christmas tree (taken outside through my window).   I love how this image captures the bare tree's reflection and how it looks as though it is adorned with lights.

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