Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Bottle-Cap Photo Thumbtacks and Magnets

I saw these easy to make bottle-cap thumbtacks on Martha Stewart's website.  You can watch a video of her version here.   I thought they were so cute and decided to whip some up using my leftover crafting supplies from my last photo magnet project.    Note: this is a simplified version, on Martha's site they used resin to fill the caps which is a nice touch but I was fine to do without it.

Anyway, all you need are some bottle-caps, a 1 inch circular hole punch, Modge Podge, thumbtacks or magnets, and a strong adhering glue (like Goop).   Using Photoshop Elements, I printed out a contact sheet of photos that were approximately 1.5" x 1.5".  I then punched out circles using my hole punch (the 1 inch size is a perfect fit).  Using the Modge Podge, I glued the photos into the caps and after they dried, I added another thin coat on the photo to seal it.

I then glued the tacks onto the backs (you could also use disc magnets) and waited a few hours for it to completely dry before pushing them into my bulletin board.

The project took me under an hour to assemble and cost the equivalent of a 6 pack of beer.  :)   Looks pretty good, eh?

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  1. These bottlecaps items are awesome and you can try something new also with these. thanks for sharing..


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