Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Every Photographer Needs Fingerless Gloves--My New Knitting Obsession

After seeing a pair of fingerless gloves made by one of my new photography friends (thank you Lisa), I have been on a knitting kick.   Finally the basket of untouched yarn that has been sitting in my closet for over four years (I went through a felting phase) is taking on new life as fingerless gloves.

Frankly, I never really thought of myself as a fingerless gloves kind of gal.  I questioned whether or not I was hip enough to wear them.  But then I realized (through my chic and savvy photography pals), that not only are these gloves stylish, they are perfect for snapping pictures on cold days.  Seriously, what better way to keep your hands warm and your thumb and fingers free for adjusting the settings on your camera.   Fun and functional!  And really.... no matter what your age or style--you CAN pull off the look.

As far as knitting goes, the great thing about this project is that you do not have to be a serious knitter to make them.  If you can make a scarf, you can TOTALLY make a pair of these fun hand-warmers (yes, I did say "totally"---I'm a product of the 80's and these have a Madonna mixed with the homespun goodness of your Granny flair)!

I find that the key is chunky yarn and big knitting needles.  With those two elements, you can whip up a pair in an evening. Here is a great Youtube video from Howcast that will get you knitting and purling up a pair in no time.

Or if you want to skip knitting but are still willing to get your craft on, you could always try making a pair the "Upcycled" way.  Basically you take an old wool sweater, felt it (by washing it in hot water in your washing machine) and cut off the sleeves.   Here is a link to a great tutorial on The Cottage Home that will get you rooting through your closet looking for old sweaters.

Hmmm......maybe we will do a giveaway on the blog in the upcoming weeks.  I've got another pair in the works.....think purple with a big flower button.

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