Monday, January 23, 2012

Free Instagram Template for your Favorite Shots

by Tina

Happy Chinese New Year! With this being the Year of the Dragon we have a free Photoshop template for our readers!

I've been on a bit of an Instgram kick ever since my hubby bought these -> new lenses from Photojojo. Since every photo you post on Instagram is square, just like Polaroid snapshots, I thought I would make a new template to share with all you Instafans out there.

20x20"instagram template. All shots were taking using my Photojojo Macro lens and iPhone 4S
You can replace the text in the upper middle square, or even replace it with another image.  I am planning on making a series of these using a theme with similar colors, shapes and face shots.

If you like this, leave a comment.  Tell us what other template you would like and we'll try to come up with some more to provide for everyone.

To download the template, click here which will take you to my Facebook Page (Tina Case Photography).  From there you will need to LIKE my page and then you will have access to a Dropbox Folder with my other free tempaltes.  And don't forget, -share the love!


  1. Thank you, that was very generous of you. I will have to look you up on Instagram. Your examples on here are beautiful.


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