Friday, January 13, 2012

My Mini Macro Lens: iPhone 4S

by Tina

For Christmas this year my husband presented me with a fun set of lenses for my iPhone 4S.  Since I take my iPhone wherever I go, I carry these lenses in my purse and whip them out when I need them.  I love them!

These work with nearly any smartphone camera.  They simply snap on with a little magnet that you attach to the back of your smartphone camera lens.

These were purchases from PhotoJoJo, a store we love.

Simply adhere the tiny disk to the back of the iPhone (there's even a little indent for the flash).  I have all three lenses, which includes a fish eye, macro + wide angle and a zoom lens.

Just place the lens you want to the magnetic disk.

Now you have a macro lens for your iPhone.  Right now all three lenses are only $49.00 plus shipping.

Definitely a cool little lens that you can have a lot of fun with!
I carry mine in this little red pouch from the Container Store.
Here's what all three lenses look like.

Here are some macros and zoom images taken with these lenses.  You can also view them on my Instragram page.  

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