Monday, January 16, 2012

One Word Project--Getting Focused

I'm so excited about the Skinny Mini Class I've been taking with Kim Klassen.  I thought I had a fairly good (albeit basic) understanding of Photoshop Elements, but oh my am I learning little tips and tricks and short-cuts that are truly making a difference in my editing abilities.   I can't believe that after only 4 short tutorials, how much I knowledge I have gleaned and there are still 6 more lessons to go!

Here is a photo I edited using some of the great tips from Kim's class.   As you can see, I've incorporated my One Little Word theme into this image.  I've been thinking about my word a lot lately...FOCUS....and feel the ripples of change starting to take effect.  

For example, I've been using Photoshop Elements for years.....but now that I have taken some time to FOCUS on this tool by participating in a class, my understanding of the program has totally increased.   Really!   I recommend you check out Kim's classes.  She is an excellent teacher and has fantastic videos that walk you through each lesson.

How have you been incorporating your word into your daily life?  


  1. I took a different perspective today (my word is perspective). I haven't shared it yet...sometime this week. I was inspired by another photographer on taking this perspective. :) The photographic community can be incredibly inspiring! Love that your focus is going well! <3

  2. Kim is the awesomeness. You'll learn tons!
    Great word for 2012! and I'm loving the photo.


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