Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting Organized--Creating an Organized Office Space

by Kristina

One of my resolutions for this year, was to get more organized and to clean up my office space.  I'm fortunate in that I have a separate office in our home but it has become the catch all space for our entire family.   Sound familiar?
Office {Before}

This is the room located right off of our entryway where backpacks are tossed, school papers and bills are left in piles on the desk and bags from shopping excursions sit until the contents are put away.   It is a room where toys end up collecting dust between craft bins overflowing with ribbons, glue sticks and stamp pads.  

It is also a space where I edit photos and work on my social media projects as well as a spot where my kids do homework and play World of Warcraft (until I kick them off--despite their pleas of "just until I level up.").

Now that 2012 is here, the days of a clutter filled room are behind me.  Over the past few weeks, I've been purging, organizing and tidying up.  Real Simple Magazines from 2006 have been recycled.  Books from college have been let go (do I really need Kotler's Marketing 101 book?) and boxes of checks from 2002 have been shredded (I'm a total pack rat!).

Office (After}

All these things have been replaced by rattan baskets from Ikea, magazine holders (with only current issues) from Target and the various clay creations my kids have made now neatly hide CF cards, flash drives and batteries.

Everything has a place!

My office is now a space that I love working in and one that inspires me.  Photos hang on peaceful, french blue walls (favorites that I took of my kids as well as prints from Camp Shutter Sisters), inspirational blocks remind me to breathe and trust the universe and jars are filled with multi-colored Sharpies and colored pencils.   Best of all, twinkling lights illuminate all of these treasures (thank you Camp Shutter Sisters and Susan Case for the idea).

So here is to 2012!  A year for learning and creating in a space that feels like home.

We'd love to see your creative space.  Please share a link below or post a photo on our Facebook page.


  1. Looks good!!!! I've been slowly re-organizing my office... One day at a time! ;) lol!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! It is so nice to have a space that is tidy and organized. It took me a month to get here. :)


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