Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project 366 Update--January Mosaic Photo Collages

By Kristina

Hard to believe that one month has already flown by in my Project 366 (only 11 more to go).

As it turns out, I actually have two different projects going.  One on my iPhone, capturing images through Instagram.  I figured I end up taking pictures with my iPhone daily so why not catalog them using the Project 365 App?  And my other Project 366 is a combination of photos taken with my Canon 7D and my iPhone (sometimes my iPhone pics are the only ones I have for the day) that I have saved on Flickr.

How is your project coming along?  Do you need some inspiration?  Check out our February Prompts to help you get clicking for the next 29 days!  I've printed a copy for myself and posted on my wall as a reminder.  No more last minute photos for me........

January Instagram Photos Using Project 365 App--

January Mosaic of Project 365+1 Photos (Using both a Canon 7D and trusty iPhone)

Created using Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker

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