Thursday, February 9, 2012

Six Word Memoirs. What is Yours?

by Kristina

A couple of weeks ago, Kim Klassen introduced the Beyond Layers group to  SMITH Magazine and the Six Word Memoirs.  I had not heard of this project until her post and then two days later I saw links and references to it popping up all over the place...funny how that happens.....

Little did I know that there is a series of bestselling books on the subject and that the project has been featured in numerous magazines and tv and radio programs.  You can see the full  list of press coverage here.  It is impressive!   And  check out this video regarding the book; you will be inspired!

Inspired by the website and encouraged by Kim to come up with my own six word story, I've been writing down various versions at night over the past couple of weeks.   It is actually a great exercise.  It has made me think about where I am, where I'm going, and what I want to be........

Here are just a few of my six word stories.......
  • Midwestern gal living the California dream
  • Worrywart who is learning to relax
  • Thought it was one; had two
  • Forty-four and wanting much, much more
  • Grateful for family, friends and camera
What is your six word story?   You can share it on Smith Magazine's Website and if you'd like to share it with us, please leave your story in the comments below.

By the way, if you have not signed up for her Kim's Beyond Layers class, it is not too late.  It is 52 weeks of inspiration, motivation and creative challenges.  I am loving it!


  1. Love your memoirs. I haven't done mine yet... maybe this weekend I'll dream one (or more) up!

    1. I'm sure you will. What a fun weekend you have ahead of you. Keep me posted.


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