Thursday, March 1, 2012

Facebook Timeline for Pages! Are you Ready?

We've seen all of our personal Facebook pages change with their new Timeline feature.  I have to say it's a great way to capture your life story because it not only captures what you've been doing, but you can record events since the day you were born.  And if you're like my 3 daughters, some of it you make up to see if your friends figure it out.

On  March 31, 2012, Facebook is going to roll out Timeline for Pages.  That means all of you who use it for your photography business should be ready to roll out a new banner and take advantage of these features.

With that in mind, I thought I would condense some of the best places to find FREE TIMELINE banners for Facebook and a list of "to-dos" to get started.  Begin collecting your best photos to showcase your work and feature them on your banner.

Here are the things you should be doing for your Facebook Business page:
  1. Check out what's new with Facebook Pages. NOTE: Landing pages such as a WELCOME tab are gone with this new feature.  Here's a good article about that, and what you may or may not lose from this.
  2. Review all of your business info.  Perhaps your website, email, physical address have changed.  Be sure you update everything as needed.
  3. Be sure all of your links work by testing them out.  I was checking someone else's page the other day and several of their links had typos.  If you don't check them out - you'll never know if your customers are going to tell you so you have to do this.
  4. Group your photos in meaningful albums.  For instance: "Babes," "Belly shots," "Family," "Love," "Pets," and so on.
  5. Be sure to customize your Facebook URL.  I'm surprised by the number of pros who don't realize they can create a custom link for their Facebook page.  It looks much more professional and is easier to include on your business card.  Here's a link with directions on "How to Create a Vanity or Custom URL for your Facebook Page."
  6. Add a section for testimonials or client recommendations.  I noticed that if you have recommendations today, they don't show up in an obvious place with the new Timeline feature.  So collect them and post them under documents.
  7. Check out the following sites for FREE timeline templates.  You can get your Facebook business page ready now, so it is up and running.
    1. Florabella Facebook Page.  Please 'LIKE' their page and share the love!
    2. MCP Actions - 'LIKE' their page and share the love too!
    3. Coffee Shop Blog- Rita has a wonderful array of free things - plus all of her designs and tutorials are amazing.  Stop by and feel free to leave a donation - it is SO worth it.
When you're done, post your Facebook page on our Moms Who Click Facebook Page.  We'll be sure to "like" you right back.

Do you have more Facebook tips and tricks?  Let us know.

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  1. Thanks for putting this together - helped me take the leap and get ready for the new timeline format!


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