Friday, March 9, 2012

Photography Classes to Help You Learn and Grow

I was recently asked by a few different photographer friends what classes I would recommend to learn Photoshop as well as other classes to keep the creative juices flowing.

As it so happens, I am enrolled in two classes right now that I love and both have new sessions starting in April.

The first is a class by Kim Klassen called Photoshop- The Essentials Course.  It is a fantastic online course taught in both  Photoshop Elements 9 and CS5 that will really help you grasp Photoshop.  I am an Elements 10 user and while I had some basic skills, this course has really expanded my knowledge. I've learned all sorts of short cuts and how to use many of the features that I used to ignore because I thought they were too difficult.   I'm a visual learner and her video tutorials provide the direction and learning style that works for me.  Her next class starts April 17--check out her website for registration information.--you'll be glad you did.


The other class I'm currently taking is the Creating Time Capsules course by Xanthe Berkeley.   I have a Canon 7D and until taking this class, I never really used the video feature.   This four week course (which is wrapping up for me soon),  has inspired me to incorporate video and still photos to create short videos that document my everyday life.  Her class is also taught using video tutorials, where Xanthe explains different techniques for capturing moments, advice on editing,  and the basics of iMovie (there is also information on using Windows Movie Maker).

What I have loved about this course, is not only the tips and tricks I have learned from Xanthe, but the community of participants that have inspired me greatly.  We have a Facebook group where we share our work, questions, etc.  And this element of the class has been a true gift.

I am finishing this course feeling inspired to shoot more video and know that I will continue to create these little time capsules that document my life.   The next Creating Time Capsules course starts April 2nd.  Check out Xanthe's site for more information.

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