Thursday, April 26, 2012

Decorating with Small Prints

by Tina (republished on Moms Who Click)

I'm sure there are a ton of us who have piles of small photos crowding our drawers, taking up space on shelves and basically not assembled in any meaningful way.  It's crazy how these small photos can pile up.  So when it comes to home decor don't forget about decorating with images 5x7 and smaller.  You do not need to spend a small fortune to decorate.  Nor do you need to purchase someone else’s work of art.  With tight budget these days, decorating with personal and treasured photos from your recent vacation or even your backyard “staycation” can liven up a bare wall and make a standout statement on a DIY budget.

The key to decorating your walls with small photo prints is to create a theme.  A theme helps tie your images together and brings focus to each print.  Some examples of themes include:
  • Headshots of your children’s faces
  • Photos that span the color of the rainbow or that have similar hues and tones
  • Travel shots from your various vacations
  • A progression of yearly images that shows the growth of your children
  • Macro shots of flowers
  • Your favorite Instagram photos
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Photo wall example courtesy of Annie Mcelwain
Photo Wall
Check out this DIY project that uses lots of favorite small images in a large display frame.  What I love about this particular project is it manages to display 120 favorite images in one large frame.  It can be easily moved from one wall to the next or from one home to the next.   You can pack it up and easily take it with you.   For the fastidious person, it does not require holes in the wall to support it (although, since I live in earth quake California, I would recommend fastening it to the wall with some double sided tape or wall putty so it does not come crashing down). [Continued on TOCOFI]

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  1. This is quite big so it needs a strong picture hangers. I like how you creatively sort out pictures and images on this big wall art. It looks so fun to make.


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