Monday, April 16, 2012

Self Portraits--Be Brave

Last week our assignment in my Beyond Layers e-course was to be brave and to capture photos of ourselves.  I know what you are way.  I thought that way too until I went to Camp Shutter Sisters and attended a self portrait workshop with Meredith Winn.

After attending that class, I realized that taking self portraits was actually a way to grow as a photographer. It helped me to think about the creative aspects and technical elements of my work  in a whole new way.  And more importantly it helped me realize that I need to document my life, that I need to be a part of the story (the good days and the bad) and that I need to embrace who I am (to look beyond the wrinkles, the grey hair, etc.).

So for 2012, I am taking a photo a week and have joined several self portrait Flickr groups to help motivate and inspire me.   I must admit that even 14 weeks into this project, it still feels awkward to turn the lens on myself but I am going to stick with it.   I'm going to be brave....I'm going to honor myself....I'm going to enjoy the journey.........

And in my attempt at being brave, I'm going to share my self portraits with you here (somehow sharing it as an animated gif is easier than a individual steps)

If you need a little encouragement to get you going on this new path, you should check out the NOW YOU workshop being offered by Meredith Winn and Kristin Zecchinelli...


  1. Kristina you are beautiful!! And I have to say you look amazing in aviator glasses!! So fab to see your shots :)

  2. Ohhhh are so sweet. Thank you for the kind words...I think my aviator glasses look better than my reading glass. LOL. :)


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