Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guest Post By Eva Creel Photography

Today we have a very special guest post by a former Behind the Lens participant, Eva Creel. You may remember her dreamy underwater images that we showcased in August 2011.  If not, we encourage you to revisit her interview and be prepared to be totally inspired!

In her guest post below, Eva shares how she moved beyond an artistic road block and found a new muse. Perhaps this is something you've experienced too?

As I read her words, I found myself shaking my head in agreement....I totally understood what she said and where she was coming from. And now after reading her story and watching her videos (you'll find the links below), I'm even more motivated to try and master this feature on my camera and incorporate a new element into my work.

Thank you Eva for honesty, openness and your willingness to share. You continue to inspire us!

Recently I hit a proverbial wall, I had artistic block and self doubt began to way heavily on my shoulders. I wanted to charge more for my work but what did I have to offer that was different from all the other amazing, and talented photographers out there.  I wanted to lock up my camera and crawl back into bed so I did. I had a lovely pity party for myself and it was… boring.

As much as I’d sometimes like to quit, I can’t. Having a camera and taking photos is part of my identity, I’m a wife, and a mother but before all of that I was and am a photographer. And just like shrinks need shrinks, I believe that photographers need photographers. So I made my bed and logged into an inspiration finding marathon. What did I find? Inspiration by the buckets. I was reminded how vital it is to stay connected with other artist and professionals. To support each other and grow with each other because we will never be done learning and might from time to time need a good swift kick in the proverbial F-stop to stop pouting and start creating.

If I wanted people to pay more for a session, I needed to kick it up a notch and make it worth every penny. I said goodbye to blank DVD’s with Sharpie titles and said hello to custom printed disks and cases. I was also inspired to try video. My camera has the little video setting on it but I never tried it out. I now make a video slide show with every shoot I do. I can tell a story that I couldn’t tell before with just an online photo gallery. More importantly I’m feeling what I do again. I’ve brought back the emotion to my work that I felt was slipping away. These mini videos have helped me find my muse again.

Happy clicking moms,
Eva Creel Photography
animoto.com (video slide show creator)
whcc.com (custom disks and cases)

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