Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adding Your Blog Content to Your Facebook Page

by Kristina

Did you know that you can create custom tabs for your Facebook business page? Yes, you can add tabs to take visitors to your store front (Etsy & Society6), Pinterest boards, Instagram feed and incorporate your  blog content right on your Facebook page.

There are many different apps you can use on Facebook to incorporate these elements.  Incorporating your blog content involves a few more steps than the others and  today we will show you how to do so using Networkedblogs.   

Networkedblogs brings your blog content right to your Facebook page.  To set this up you need to add the NetworkedBlogs app to your personal profile page and register your blog on NetworkedBlogs.  Once you have added your blog, you will be asked to verify that you are the author by adding code to your blog's site (you can then delete it once it is verified).  Then  go back to Networkedblogs via the app on Facebook and go to the Blogger Dashboard and under the Publish section, click ADD TO FACEBOOK PAGE (you can choose to add your blog to any of the pages you administer).

Below are a few screenshots to take you through the process......

1.  Go to the Apps section on your Facebook profile page (you won't find this on your business page)...
2.  Add Networkedblogs to your apps

3.  Once you've add the Networkedblogs app to your Facebook profile you will need to register your blog (you can also register blogs you want to follow and use Networkedblogs as your reader on Facebook).  Just click the Register Blog link located at the top of the page.   It will take you through a few steps to register your blog info as well as an extra step to verify that you are the author of your blog.  This entails
adding code generated by Networkedblogs to your actual site.  Once you have verified the blog you can remove the code.

4.   After you have verified your blog, go back to Networkedblogs and choose the page that you want to add your blog content to by going back to the page shown above and clicking the Add to Facebook Page link located next to the word Publish.  Here you can also choose to have your blog posts automatically added to your wall or you can choose to manually add posts to your wall using the Syndication tab.

5.  Once you've done that, you should see a blog tab added to your page like the one below (we will have a post later this week showing you how to customize it).   

6.  Click the Blog Tab to see your blog content as part of your Facebook Page.

Adding your blog content to your Facebook page is a great way to get more eyes on your blog posts.  If you need additional help in setting this up check out the help section on Networkedblogs or visit this post on She's Self-Employed.

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  1. Oh, I want to do this! Thanks Kristina. I'll have to give it a try this week.


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