Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY Craft--Sharpie Mugs

by Kristina

If you are like me, and I know there are a bunch of you out there, you may have an affinity for photographing your coffee/tea mugs.  I came upon the coffee craze through Shutter Sister's and the "my mug shot" Flickr group started by Tracey Clark.

I didn't realize that I had been unconsciously collecting mugs over the years. I'd pick up cute mugs or tea cups here and there but was never buying them with the intention that I would one day photograph them.   For me they were more about function.

Well all that changed once I found the "my mug shot" group and now I am a mug-fanatic.  You can find me scouring flea markets looking for victorian tea cups and clearance racks looking for funky mugs (I found a great zebra mug at Pier 1).

But my favorite mug is one I found at Urban Outfitters....the mustache mug.   The mustache craze is definitely in full swing and there is something about that mug that makes me smile every time I use it.

Well, one day on Pinterest I stumbled upon a DIY tutorial from  A Beautiful Mess.  Little did I realize that you could make your own creative cups by using a sharpie and your oven.  So off to the dollar store I went to pick up several mugs and some sharpie pens and then......I got my craft on!

This is the easiest project you will ever do.  Just grab your sharpie, create your design and bake your masterpiece in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Really....that is it!  

Here is a mug I made for my friend's birthday.  Mustache on one side, big kissable lips on the other.....

And here is my attempt at creating a photo related mug.......I need to learn how to draw a better camera......

What a great easy project, right?  It is MUSTACHE-STIC!  So go grab an inexpensive mug, a sharpie and create something fun and let us know what you made! 

Note:  These mugs should be hand-washed only......


  1. Thank you for posting this DIY! It looks like a lot of fun.

  2. I love your wonky camera!!! (Just signed up with August Break!)

  3. This is too fun. This has a lot of uses. I think a list for my husband.

  4. Wonderful tutorial!! I'll have to get some mugs at the dollar store and the next time my daughter has friends over, they can try this!!

  5. oh what a fun post...i just love the beautiful mess blog, but must have missed that one! i guess i am heading out to the dollar store :~)

  6. Fun post! Just what I hoped would inspire me out of my creative slump! I'm loving your posts. Looking forward to more. :)


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