Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Taking it to the Streets--Fun with Streetography

This photo has four of my family members in it.  Can you guess which ones?
by Kristina

In case you are not familiar with "streetography" it is basically a documentary style of photography that features people (strangers or your unsuspecting family as in the photo above) in public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls, etc.

I never really thought about this style of photography, until my friend and past Behind the Lens participant, Sasha Holloway of BleuLips photography invited me to join here Streetography group on Facebook.  Check out her interview here in case you missed it!

Anyway, I joined her group just as we were headed on our European vacation and it could not have been a better time.  Seeing the work of all of these amazing photographers was so inspiring and had me thinking about my photography in a new way as I walked the city streets of Paris, Pisa and Florence.

In addition to photographing my traditional subjects--- my kids, churches, landscapes, etc. I also captured (which I'm not sure I would have done otherwise), the people and stories around me.   I found myself looking at my surroundings in a new way.....noticing things that were once truly opened up my eyes.

For example, who is this guy below chatting with and what is his dog's name....hmmmmm....

Or how excited are these people, prior to the Italy vs. Spain Euro-cup game?  Sadly, Italy lost so I'm sure their excitement turned to disappointment.....

Or how about this crowded street......I wonder what goodies all these tourists are seeking?

I must admit that I was/am too timid, to actually ask strangers if I could take their photos.  I am more of a ninja style streetographer.  Shooting with my camera above my head or at my hip.   And maybe taking a photo straight on but trying to do so inconspicuously.  But in any case, I'm glad that I was introduced to this new style by Sasha and that I continue to stay connected with her and the other photographers through this group.

Thank you Sasha!  You continue to inspire and challenge me!

And note--streetography can really happen anywhere.  You don't need to live in a big city.  Go out in your neighborhood today and catch a person riding their bicycle, someone walking their dog, or a day of shopping at Target.  There are all kinds of interesting things going on all around us...we just need to take the time to see it.

Streetography hits the beach.


  1. hi your photos. I have always been so nervous about taking pictures of others. But i just love street photography...i guess i just need to get over it!

  2. Beautiful photos Kristina. Sounds like so much fun.


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