Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Freebie--Free eZy Watermark Lite App

I hadn't really thought about watermarking my Instagram photos or Facebook photos until my blogging partner, Tina, put together this post regarding watermarking images on Facebook (in the post she directs you to a great video on how to batch watermark your images).   

In case you were not already aware of this..... Facebook (and other social media platforms) has a clause written in their user agreement that allows them to use your photos for commercial purposes.   You can see all the legal details here.   

Having this brought to my attention made me realize that I should watermark more of my images, including those I take on my iPhone and share on Instagram or directly to Facebook.  So I went in search of a watermarking app....and of course, there is an app for that!

The app I am now using is a free app called eZy Watermark Lite.  eZy Watermark allows you to add an image or text watermark to your images that you can easily resize, rotate and move.  The app is compatible for both the iPhone or iPad.

Some of the key features include:

1. Adds text and image watermark.
2. Import picture from camera, library and iTunes share.
3. Swiping gestures to ease of use for rotate, relocate and resize watermark text and image. 
4. Change opacity of watermark text and image.
5. Change color and font of watermark text.
6. Save pictures in 3 different resolutions.
7. Save pictures in library and iTunes share.
8. Sharing pictures on Facebook, twitter and via email.
9. Save Facebook login settings

Below are a few images that I watermarked using this app.  It was quick and simple to use.  The only feature I wish it had was the ability to save your watermark so that you do not have to retype it each time.   

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  1. Thanks so much for the tip and explaination I have installed the app ....


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