Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Freebies: BirDesignShop Templates for Photographers

We love a great Friday Freebie here at Moms Who Click - and we have found a number of amazing sites that have wonderful templates, storyboards, textures or tips to share freely.  Our latest find is a wonderful site called BirDesign Shop.

A new photography friend told me about this site after I saw a wonderful coupon she published on her page.  I loved hers so much I created my own, but I love that you can grab one of the "fresh-out-of-the-box" ones at BirDesignShop - they are super easy to use and help make marketing a lot easier for your studio.

Check out the freebie for September, a terrific card to advertise your holiday mini sessions.  Of course you can customize the text for just about any holiday you choose.  The bright colors stand out and scream "check me out!"

So head on over and create your holiday mini session coupon. And check out the other wonderful designs like the one below:

For those of you who know just enough Photoshop to cause havoc, here's a free link to the one I created using BirDesign's for inspiration.  I customized this using my logo colors and a holiday inspired background.  To customize yours just use the dropper tool to select the color you want from your own logo, then use the paintbrush to change it up.

 Happy Marketing!

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