Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Love Lock Bridge, Paris--Wordless Wednesday

This photo was taken on the Pont de l' Archeveche bridge (also known as the Love Lock Bridge)  in Paris this summer.  It is a bridge where couples from all over the world attach a padlock to the metal railings and toss the key into the Seine to signify their everlasting love.

The bridge is filled with thousands of locks in all different shapes and sizes, some engraved with initials, some with names written in sharpie  each with a story behind it.

I'm still regretting that my family did not add a lock to the bridge.  At the time, I was so mesmerized by taking photos and reading locks that my family was getting a bit irritated and the thought of stopping to buy a lock would have generated more moans and groans.  I guess my husband, tweens and teens did not find this as romantic as I did. 

One thing is for sure, the next time I visit Paris, I will be adding a lock to this bridge.


  1. Oh i have heard about this, but never had the chance to see it...your photos are the first dreamy. I think this is so romantic too... thank you for sharing!

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