Thursday, September 27, 2012

Through the Trees

Last week as we waited for the Space Shuttle Endeavor to fly by, I admired the trees around us.  My friend lives up in the hills and we arrived at her house at 8 a.m. to wait on her deck to catch a glimpse of the space shuttle.   The fog was just burning off and this large pine tree looked gorgeous against the morning light.
edited with Kim Klassen Texture

Only a few minutes later the Space Shuttle flew by--piggy back on a 747.  It was such an amazing sight. I was trembling with excitement trying hard to focus my zoom lens on the plane and not the clouds.    I caught the photo below as it passed by the tree above and felt extremely lucky.  

Space Shuttle Endeavour!  Ahhhmazing!


  1. What a cool picture, Kristina. It feels almost like a secret, peeping though the tree branches to see a bit of history. an you got such a clear shot! Fabulous!


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