Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Freebie--Photography Concentrate

Last month I stumbled upon a fantastic website for photographers, Photography Concentrate.   Whether you are a hobbyist, professional or thinking about becoming a pro, Rob and Lauren Lim the couple behind this fabulous site, have great tools for you to help you learn photography at your own pace and in the comforts of you home.

Their tutorials include everything from photo editing to designing albums, wedding photography to essential camera skills.  They also have loads of informative articles to help you with posing, lighting, workflow and more.  I swear, every time I go to their site, I find something great!  

And because they know that everyone loves FREEBIES, they also have a ton of awesome free stuff to help you on your photography journey.   I recently downloaded their free Lightroom great!

You really have to check out this site NOW.  You'll be so glad you did!  And be sure to check back in with us next week, because Rob and Lauren have generously offered to giveaway one of their tutorials to a Moms Who Click reader.   Details will be on the blog Monday!


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