Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Freebies--National Geographic's Guide to Photography Basics

While doing a little research for something to post on today's Friday Freebie, I came upon National Geographic's Guide To Photography--Travel Basics.

It is a quick read that gives basic tips on framing a photo, rule of thirds, leading lines, and sense of scale.  It also touches on photographing cities,  discovering the country and taking photos of people you don't know. While it is not necessarily a full how to guide, it does provide some quick tips and great reminders.  I see it as a nice little reinforcement and good read while enjoying my morning cup of coffee.

You can download a copy of it here.   They also have a terrific website with a photo of the day feature that is definitely worth checking out. After perusing through all of the beautiful photos you will certainly leave feeling inspired.

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  1. I just love coming to visit your blog. You always have such great features. Thank you for another one!


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