Thursday, October 18, 2012

From Above--New Perspective

This week the prompt at Beyond Layers was "From Above."   FYI a new class is starting January 1 and I HIGHLY recommend it!   I love this perspective and find it especially great for still life photos.   Taking a photo from above gives you a fresh new take on even the simplest things...books, dried flowers, cups & saucers.....even dishes in your sink (see below).

However, when it comes to taking photos of people with this artistic bent, I find it a bit challenging.   I seem to get wrinkled necks, odd looking chins and up the nose shots...clearly I need to perfect that angle.  If you have flattering images of people from above, I'd love to see them...please, please, please leave a link in the comment section below.

Anyway, I do seem to have the hang of getting a good photo of inanimate objects and here are a few samples.......

Flowers are don't have to worry about neck folds....just leaf placement.

Lavender in a great from above.

Even doing the dishes looks more interesting when shot from above.

We'd love to see your "from above shots."  And again, if you have any versions that include people....send them our way!  


  1. I love shooting people from above - but I'll leave it to you to determine if it's flattering or not! So excited to see you so soon!

    1. Love those photos....definitely flattering! Can't wait to see you!

  2. hi your first photo of the flowers, so pretty. I have never shot people from above, i muust give it a try! ps...even your dirty dishes look great from this angle! :~)

    1. Definitely give it a whirl....I'm sure you'll come up with some fantastic images.


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