Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Face Your Fears--Wordless Wednesday

Two weeks ago, I joined my daughter and a group of other 13 year old girls on a ropes course. It was meant to be a team building experience for the girls and I was there as a chaperone/car driver. When we arrived at this beautiful course, located deep in the Redwoods, I decided to join the girls. I thought the photo ops would be fantastic (and they were). 

I don't really have a fear of heights, but the idea of tightrope walking or crossing swinging logs while 90 feet in the air turned out to be very scary. While I was unable to muster up the nerve to do some of these challenges, I was in awe of the courage the girls had. They worked together...encouraged, communicated, problem solved and made it through a variety of challenging elements. I was in awe and nearly moved to tears. As I watched them, it reminded me that it is true....when you face your fears together, most any challenge can be overcome.

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