Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Take a Break and Take a Walk--A Not So Wordless Wednesday

Last week, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that I had on my plate.  Not only was the laundry piling up, and the dust bunnies were starting to multiply but it was slim pickings in my fridge (wilted lettuce, questionable lunch meat, you get the picture).  On top of all that I had several photo shoots to edit and more sessions to plan for.  I'm usually a fairly laid back person, but I was feeling a mini-panic attack coming on.......

But then I took a deep breath and decided to go out for a walk.  I gave myself permission to leave all the items on my ever growing to do list behind for just one hour and take in some fresh air.  And you know what, it was just what I needed.  As I was out there I had a new favorite song playing in my head.... Take a Walk by Passion Pit (see the link to their video below).  

I drove to a nearby park and spent time enjoying and snapping photos of the beauty in my neighborhood....literally 10 minutes from my home.  The afternoon light was amazing and playing around with my camera was exactly what I needed to relieve a little stress and spend time doing something that I absolutely love...taking photos.

When the pressures of work and home start dragging you down, what do you do to recalibrate?

Oh and don't forget to take a listen to this will stick with you and have you grabbing your shoes and heading out the door......

Linking up with LAF Custom Designs and her Walk and Click Wednesday.  Click on over to her site and see how others are exploring their neighborhoods.


  1. Yes, yes, yes ... a walk and click has so many benefits and you capture them well and many levels! Clear the head, energize, see the beauty, breathe. I love your mosaic. Isn't it amazing what we can find right outside our back door? Tahnks for joining Walk and Click Wednesdays!

  2. Lovely would love to take a walk with you...

  3. Beautiful photos. I agree getting out and away from "the stuff" just for a few minutes and doing what you love is a breath of fresh air and so calming.


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