Monday, December 3, 2012

Creating Time Capsules....What Are YOU Doing on 12.12.12.?

by Kristina
Earlier this year, I participated in Xanthe Berkley's Creating Time Capsules Course.  It was an inspiring class that taught me how to combine video and stills to create little movies of everyday moments of my life.  It was an eye opening course that reminded  me  that everyday moments are precious and worth my daughter and niece painting each other's nails.     If you are not familiar with Xanthe's work, you MUST go and visit her website and check out her amazing films.  Xanthe truly has a gift for making beautiful and touching pieces of art.  

Spa La La from Kristina Rust Photography on Vimeo.

Xanthe is now gathering past students of Creating Time Capsules and anyone else who wants to get involved in a fun project on 12.12.12.  The idea is to capture your day (or parts of your day) on 12.12.12 and share your "day in the life" with others to see in the weeks that follow.   You can "capture your day" by blogging about it, making a GIF, recording audio, taking photos and video with your phone or camera or going all out and taking photos and video of your whole day and making a time capsule film.  Sound fun?  
I love the idea of acknowledging my everyday life on this historic day and I'm so excited to see what others will share.   You don’t have to have taken Creating Time Capsules to be part of this… all you need to do is commit to recording your day on 12.12.12, and if you’d like, you can join her Facebook 12.12.12 group… just click to join and she'll add you… and that’s it.

And for those of you who are interested in learning more about combining video and photographs into time capsules, Xanthe's course is now available as a self-paced class.  You can find all the details here.

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