Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Freebie--Calendar Template From Shutter Sisters

The amazing Shutter Sister, Paige Balcer has created another fantastic DIY calendar template for 2013. I am working on putting together a few for holiday gifts (yep, I'm running a bit behind).  This is such a great way to personalize a gift for family, friends and clients.

I love how easy the template is to use (basic knowledge of Photoshop is necessary) and how it is sized to fit inside a CD jewel case.  And I also love Paige's suggestion  of simply fastening the pages together with a binder clip and hanging it on your wall.  So cute!

Thank you Paige for this great template.

You can download the template at the Shutter Sister's site.  Have fun creating this great gift that will last all year long!

Here is the start of mine......

P.S.  Thank you Suzanne for reminding me to get this template.  I'm so glad you asked about it! :)

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