Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Freebie: Lightroom Presets from MCP Actions

Lately I've been editing all my photos in Lightroom 4.  I'm still rather new to the program but I'm loving it.  

I find using Lightroom to be an easier, less time consuming process than using Photoshop (I use PSE10).   But what I love most is that you can sync adjustments to a batch of photos in just a few clicks.  It really speeds up my workflow.

And one of the great features of Lightroom are Presets.  Presets are Lightroom's way of adding many adjustments to a photo in just one click (similar to using actions in Photoshop).   There are a bunch of great sites out there that have free Presets and one of our favorites is MCP Actions (we love her actions too).  

MCP Actions offers the Quick Clicks Collection which will give you a taste of what Lightroom presets can do for you.  The set allows you to adjust white balance, pump up colors and fix exposure in just one click.   So great and so fast!  

Once you've given these a try, check out MCP's full selection of presets, she has a terrific array of presets that will help you adjust color, convert photos to black and white, or process images with a vintage twist in a matter of seconds.

Here are a few sample images from the Quick Clicks Collection: 

True Colors

Best Guess White Balance Adjustment

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