Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Joby: How the Ultra Fit Sling Strap Saved Me

by Tina Case
Okay, it's not everyday that a piece of camera gear actually saves you.....from a fall  (and a bruised ego).  I'm not sure exactly what the Joby Ultra Fit Sling Strap really saved me from but I'd like to think it prevented me from getting a broken arm or wrist.  Or worse, a broken camera!

Let's back up a little.  I was on a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas.  I wrote earlier about using the GorillaPod and Grip Tight Micro Stand here.  I love the Pod and the Stand, they are truly great photography gear.

And what I TOTALLY love is my new Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women (okay, men, don't fret, there's one for you too, just click <- there).   This is something I use all the time and I love the fit, the utility and the style.  It just so 'totally rocks' as Crush would say in "Finding Nemo" (yes, big fan of the dude).

I'm slinging the Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women - giddyup!
So here's my story.  I went horseback riding in the hills and beaches of Cabo San Lucas.   Just gorgeous.  Of course I brought along my Canon 5D Mark ii, 24-70 mm lens and strapped it on using my Ultra Fit Sling Strap.  You can see a picture of it above, that's me in the hot pink sweater and black yoga pants (everyone else is in jeans and boots).

A picture from atop my horse after the fall, 'look ma, no hands
on the rein now that I have my Ultra Fit Sling Strap"'
What I didn't know is the All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) share the same trails as the horses.  There was an ATV stopped in the middle of our trail.  I was in the middle of the line when about five or six horses ahead of me went around the ATV.  My horse proceeded to go around like the others when my stirrup got caught in the grill of the ATV.  So while my foot was stuck my horse continued on without me.  The horse reared on its hind legs while I went flying and screaming backwards.  The woman behind me said it was like watching in slow motion as I flew in midair.  I wish someone had caught that spectacle on film.  My right hand instinctively grabbed my camera as I fell, "plop" back-asswards into a soft bush and soft sand that cushioned my fall.  I only have a tiny scratch on my left index finger to show for it.

If I did not have this strap my camera gear would have most certainly gone flying into the air, crashed upon some rock and cracked into a million pieces.  Maybe I exaggerate somewhat but certainly it would have gone all over the place.  Plus because my right hand was on my camera it prevented me from extending it out to catch my fall.   My mother broker her wrist this earlier this summer when she fell backwards while backing up from her garden bed.

Horse play
What happened after my fall?  I got up, brushed myself off, checked my camera and GOT BACK IN THE SADDLE.  Yup, it's like they say.  You must get back on the horse that bucked you, otherwise the fear of riding again can paralyze you.  Getting right back on the horse was not only empirically true for me but metaphorically also.  This year my camera has opened new doors I didn't anticipate.  I've been letting go of my fears all year long and it has reaped incredible benefits.  Both personally and professionally.  Hey, we only have a limited time on earth so we shouldn't let our fears prevent us from experiencing it to its fullest.

I will be showing more of the Ultra Fit Sling Strap in the coming weeks as my family and I explore the world Down Under.  Yup, we are going to Australia.  My 3 daughters are burgeoning photographers and we plan on documenting our trip and slinging our cameras with our straps.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile check out the strap and how it works in this video and Joby's Holiday Gift Guide for the photography enthusiast on your shopping list.


  1. Yikes, Tina, I'm glad you're OK!!! And your camera, too, of course :~)

  2. Glad you survived--and your camera as well! Thanks very much also for this info: this is the only review/user story I've found for the women's UltraFit Sling Strap. I need something like this instead of my regular ol' Canon strap.


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