Thursday, January 31, 2013

Combining Video and Stills--A Day at the Treasure Island Flea Market

by: Kristina

I'm currently taking Xanthe Berkeley's, Creating Time Capsules--A Journey e-course. It is a terrific course that helps guide and inspire you to create movies by combining video and stills.

I participated in her Creating Time Capsule's course last spring (which I loved) and this course is building on what I learned and providing me with the little nudge to continue to tell stories and collect memories.

The course provides you with a mixture of tutorials, inspiration, tips and tricks and really motivates you to give yourself space to create.

Below is my first "time capsule" from this course.  It is a day spent at the Treasure Island Flea Market with friends.  Which if you live in the Bay Area, you must go and check this flea market out!  Oh my goodness is it terrific.  Great vendors, amazing food, and the most gorgeous views of San Francisco.  It is held the last weekend of every month.  So great!

While my video shooting is still a bit shaky (I need to work on that), it provides you with a fun little glimpse into my day spent hunting for treasures with dear friends.

Treasure Island Flea Market from Kristina Rust Photography on Vimeo.

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